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Violet Athena

Monte Alban Southwestern Native American Turquoise Rug

Monte Alban Southwestern Native American Turquoise Rug

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🔖This wool rug is 100% handmade on waist loom. It's iconic geometric design works as an accent piece on any room setting.
🌵 This rug is from Teotitlan Del Valle community of Oaxaca Mexico. The elaboration of a wool carpet like this is a slow process that can take up to 2 week to finish!
This ancient patterns can be used in bohemian, southwestern, mid-century and modern settings.
You can use it as a stand-alone piece below your bed, nightstand or sofa; for your home or office foyer or entrance, or it can be used as a setting area for a small table or plant.
The woven is very thick and durable, it’s made to last for years!
3 ft length x 2 ft width: Fabric is 100% heavy weight wool on front and raw linen on back.

Spot clean with damp cloth or dry clean



The waist loom is a very old technique used by Mesoamerican cultures. At present, artisans continue to use this technique to make some of the pieces they use for their clothing as well as items and accessories for the home. This technique used in some communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas, consists of intertwining threads of any type of fiber in a wooden loom, tying them to a pole or tree on one side and to the waist of the craftsman on the other; and interconnecting perpendicularly other threads with chopsticks to give the finish to the weft of the fabric.

The elaboration of a wool rug like this is a slow process that can take up to 2 weeks to finish!
Unfortunately, these ancestral techniques have been replicated with machines, removing the human element, in such a way that their production is greater in a shorter time. Naturally, this has repercussions for the original producers, creators of these crafts, because it is impossible to compete with the prices generated by cheap production.

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